National Leadership for the Portfolio Diversifying Investments Industry

The IPA supports individual investor access to a variety of asset classes with low correlation to the traded markets and historically available only to institutional investors, including: lifecycle real estate investment trusts (REITs) and perpetual life REITs, lifecycle business development companies (BDCs), interval and closed-end funds, energy and equipment leasing programs and real estate private equity offerings. These portfolio diversifying investment (PDI) products have been held in the accounts of more than 3 million individual investors. They remain a critical component of an effectively balanced investment portfolio and serve an essential capital formation function for the U.S. economy. The mission of the IPA is to advocate for PDIs through education and public awareness.



  • Establishing and encouraging best practices on behalf of the investing public
  • Continuously striving to enhance overall product transparency through published industry guidelines
  • Raising public awareness through proactive, fact-based communication


  • The leading voice on critical legislative and regulatory issues affecting the PDI industry
  • Creating opportunities for the advancement of industry objectives via the regulatory and political process
  • Communicating directly with state and federal lawmakers and industry regulators about the distinct economic benefits of PDI products


  • Raising investor awareness of Portfolio Diversifying Investment products through FINRA reviewed client brochures and seminars
  • Offering on-demand E-learning courses to increase knowledge among Financial Advisors
  • Publishing a wide array of industry related white papers, research reports and data analysis

2017 Board of Directors


 The IPA is governed by our Board of Directors (the “Board”).
The Board is comprised of Sponsor, Associate and Broker-Dealer members.