IPA Board of Director’s Approves First Industry-Wide Valuation Guideline for Non-Listed REITs*

On April 25, 2013, The IPA Board of Directors unanimously approved the adoption of the Non-Listed REIT Valuation Guideline. This Guideline is a landmark for the Investment Program Association and our industry. After two years of tireless work, we now speak with one voice about the recommended methodology for valuing Non-Listed REITs.

The IPA’s new Valuation Guideline is intended to benefit our members and the investing public by:

– Conforming with institutional real estate valuation standards
– Enhancing the independence of the valuation process
– Accelerating the availability of valuation information to investors
– Enhancing the quality of valuation disclosures to the investing public

Click here to read the IPA member communication
Click here to read the Valuation Guideline