IPA Investor Survey Finds 80% Bullish on Real Estate

Strong Demand For Non-Listed REITs and BDCs 

The IPA Investor Survey conducted in March was released on April 23, 2013 and the findings point to a strong future for our industry. Of the 500 high-net-worth investors surveyed, 80% believe that commercial real estate will perform the same as or better than the equity market over the next five years. Moreover,

More than two in five (45%) expect to include non-listed REITs in their future portfolio;

– About one quarter (24%) plan to include BDCs in the future.

It gets better. Based on self-reported holdings, these findings imply a 15 percentage-point increase in future non-listed REIT ownership and an 11 percentage-point increase in future holdings of BDCs.

You can read the release here